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Why your Meeting Needs a Facilitator

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Dec 12, 2011 @ 01:18 PM

keynote speaker for franchise eventI was recently a keynote speaker for a franchise conference where the event fell apart because it didn't have a facilitator to add structure and keep the agenda on time. A good facilitator guides the event forward, manages audience and guest speakers expectations, and keeps the agenda on time.

3 Reasons Why your Meeting Needs a Facilitator:

1)Your Event Needs a Neutral Leader

A good facilitator guides the meeting process not the content. They remain neutral and unbiased towards members contribution, ideas and concepts. This way everyone feels heard and there ideas accepted. The minute the audience gets wind of any blocked ideas or thwarted attempts to communicate- trust will be severed.

2) Your Event Needs Positive Forward Momentum.

Even if conference delegates are barely awake, the meeting facilitator should add enthusiasm and life to the event. Optimistically promoting the overall theme of the meeting, the keynote speaker and guest speakers will help build anticipation and energy.

3)Your Meeting Needs to Manage Delegate Expectations.

There is nothing worse than struggling to stay awake through a guest speaker and wondering, how long will this speech be? Or having to use the facilties and wondering, When is our next break? A good facilitator helps answer these questions before they are asked.

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