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Ideas to Create a Fun Holiday Event

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Dec 06, 2011 @ 05:25 PM

motivational speaker for transportation conferenceI was a motivational speaker for a transportation conference where they had an improptu holiday christmas party at the tail end  of the event. It was unique and genuinely meaningful so I asked the meeting planner if I could share some of the ideas with others.

What made the event unique was it was loaded with the element of surprize. The unexpected drama made it memorable, meaningful and fun.

Some of the unique surprize elements included:

  • We got into the holiday spirit with the help of a bartender making unique christmas cocktails that were named after different employees.
  • The room featured "transportation hubs" where people could go to create and decorate- a tree, cookies, or a cocktail.
  • Employees were invited to bring in their own christmas gifts throughout the week and santas' helpers would wrap them.
  • In the theme of transportation, the event featured tricycle races around the outskirts of the room. Participants were cheered on as they motored around the room to raise the overall score for their team.
  • The CEO of the transportation organization dressed for the occasion as santa clause and greeted everyone with periodic, spontaneous uplifting motivational speeches. Other leaders chimed in and toasted the crowds work and contribution.
  • As the motivational speaker for the transporation event I was given some personalized information about certain people in the room that I could weave into my speech.
  • the meeting planner presented everyone with a wrapped gift from under the christmas tree just as they left the event.

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