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Fun Team building Activities

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Nov 23, 2011 @ 12:24 PM

guest speaker for transportation eventAre you developing a staff meeting and looking for a new and different way to engage people and develop team building skills? Try some of the teambuilding activities below:

Blindfolds. Keeping safety in mind, remove any obstacles in the room that people could trip over. Partner people up; one person wears a blindfold and the partner guides them around the room through obstacles.

Develops-Listening, trust, communication

Balloons. Have a team of people keep the balloons suspended in the air. It becomes apparent quickly that working as a congruent team is critical to keeping all the balloons floating in the air. Relate this to how a team has to pull together to keep all their balls in the air during a crisis. As a motivational speaker I have been able to use this with a small group in front of a large audience during the keynote speech. I tied in ideas presented from previous guest speakers during the balloon interactions.

A couple varieties to consider using balloons:

Have two people stand back to back, with the balloon wedged in between them. They must now carefully-but-quickly race to the other side of the room against other teams of two. I saw a guest speaker for a transportation event do this activity once and it was really successful, the audience loved laughing at each other.

Another variety: Use 4 or 5 balloon colors and have the group move different colors to different parts of the room.  For example move all the red balloons to the front left and green balloons to the back right corner of the room by pushing them through the air.

Finally. . . have two competitors stand side by side, each holding a balloon that is covered in shaving cream. Each armed with a razor, they must carefully race against each other to shave the cream off their balloons without breaking them.

Develops- trust, communication

Paper Clips or Safety Pins...

Put 20 or so paper clips or safety pins into a large bowl and mix them with rice. Blindfold a participant and have them search through the rice to find as many clips or pins as possible.

Develops- speed and agility

Each of these activities develops teamwork, communication skills and above all a sense of humor. Learning to be flexible, communicate under pressure and to work as a team are skills that are invaluable in the workplace.

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