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Nurses Week Celebration- Try a Theme!

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Nov 14, 2011 @ 12:46 PM

motivational speaker for nurses weekNurses are at the heart of what happens in health care. Although nurses should be recognized daily, Nurses Week, is a designated week when hospitals take time out to appreciate the contribution nurses make.

During the second week of may every year, I am a motivational guest speaker for several Nurses week events. In the past I have seen several hospitals successfully implement a theme that makes the day very meaningful and memorable.

To really spice up your nurses week why not engage a theme?  Themes at Nurses Week add a unique flavor and some congruency to the organizing efforts.

For some ideas and inspiration, check out the list below:

Hollywood. Bring nurses to the forefront and make them the star of the show! You could recreate Hollywoods famous Walk of Fame with Paper Stars and feature nurses names in them.

Pirate Theme. Ahoy Mate. Have hospital search for the buried treasure. Clues along the way recognize individual nurses for their contribution. For example, Say something meaningful and complimentary to nurse nancy and she will give you your next clue.

50's, 60's or 70's Theme. Go back to easier times and reminise in wonderful classic themes. It is easy to find clothes, food and music to support this theme. Tie your celebration to nurses contributions along the way.

Wild West. Saddle Up! This could get Wild. Have a bucking bronko and a nurse on hand if anyone gets hurt. Cowboy hats and plastic guns add to the fun.

James Bond. The ultimate detective, wouldn't it be great if a head physician dressed up at James Bond? Throughout the day as he solved mysteries around the hospital he would end up recognizing nurses and their contribution.

Rock Star. Picture Marilyn Monroe as your head nurse, Dean Martin as your chief surgeon, John Lennon as the Director of Care and you start to see your nursing week theme come to life. A Karaoke Machine may be in order.

A theme should add value to a Nursing Week Celebration and always focus around celebrating nurses, not distract from this. Fun and frivolity should not distract from the serious nature of the work itself. When it comes to humor in the workplace, always establish your competency first!

When I am a motivational speaker for nursing week, I love to tie the event theme into my message. A theme adds congruence, lasting value and great funny memories.

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