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Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Oct 21, 2011 @ 12:54 PM

motivational speaker for dental professionals

To prepare to be Motivational Speaker for a National Dental Academy Convention, I scoured dental journals and spoke to several dentists and dental assistants to understand this unique crowd.

The question I really wanted answered is, why do dentists have the highest suicide rate? Statistically dentists commit suicide 6.64 times greater than other working professions. I am sceptical of this statistic however it does shine light on the fact that dental professionals have challenging work.

Few people enjoy going to the dentist to have their teeth poked, pulled, scraped and prodded. Sometimes I think my bad breath might cause someone to high dive out of a 50 story building, however scraping tarter is worthwhile. Without our teeth we can't chew, we look bad and improper oral hygiene can cause a whole host of health issues. Besides this, having a nice smile makes you look healthy.

People who let their teeth go are likely let to let it all go... eventually. When I see people who sport bad breath and yellow crooked teeth, I think- would it kill you to go to the dentist?

As their Motivational Speaker I am looking for things to inspire and uplift the dental profession. So my take on it is that dentists and dental assistants will always be in high demand. While hunching over peoples mouths all day may not seem fun, dental professionals make an essential contribution to society.

Some dentists are great advocates for a profession that has taken some heat and should stand up proud and not be reluctant to brag about the service they provide.

Check out our blog post, Motivational Speaker for Dental Convention, to see how the speech went.


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