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Sample Home Party Speech

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Oct 20, 2011 @ 11:36 AM

motivational speechA good friend of mine started her own business, Mi Nena Bowtique. She makes a beautiful hair bows and ribbons and sells them at home parties.

She recently asked me to help her create an informal  speech to present at her home parties.

I love to use humor in a motivational speech, it keeps people engaged and energizes the audience. It also decreases tension and builds rapport, all good things when you go into a strangers house and give a speech to their best friends and family. This has the ingredients to be an uncomfortable situation, so be prepared to work to bring down defences' by sprinkling in some humor to your speech.

For a home party speech to be meaningful, the person delivering it has to feel comfortable; so I came up with a more formal and less formal sample below. At a home party people don't really feel like or expect a formal speech, so the more interactive and fun you make it the better. Remember any interaction makes the speech about the audience, which is the whole reason you speak.

More Formal Speech Intro...

Do you remember how you couldn't wait to dress your daughters hair up in ribbons and bows?  And then you went to the store and found there was nothing exciting? When you did find a super cute expensive hair bow- it fell out never to be found again?

Notice how some hair ribbons are just too much- You want your daughter to look super cute at school and not get beat up. When she is teased and ridiculed at school... your realize this is not the response you were going for, and you give up.

Every little girl has different hair. Some have thick hair and most hair ribbons wont stay put. Other girls have thinner hair or hair that wont hold anything.

I started Mi Nena Bowtique when I discovered I could turn ordinary ribbons into beautiful hair bows that girls will love and friends will envy. No matter how thick or thin the hair there is a flower, bow or headband for everyone.

A Less formal alternative motivational speech opening

 Many people doing home parties don't want the pressure of doing a formal motivational speech, so make it less formal and more like a discussion by encouraging interaction.

Survey the audience...

How many people here have struggled with doing your daughters hair?

How many here use hair bows? Barrettes? ( what kind? what do you like...)

By the way never send your husband to buy hair accessories. ( helps to add something funny to a speech)

If you were selling a stress relieving product, like vitamins or creams etc from Amway, Norwex, Avon. .. you could say:

By a show of hands, how many people here have been stressed out over the last week? the last month? Your entire lives?

Any of these questions may start interaction... this is great. Listen, repeat back the comment for clarity, answer any questions and encourage discussion. Here the speech can take a life of it's own.

Depends on how Risky you feel... here is a funny intro to try (with a safe group)

 Thanks for coming, I know you all had nothing better to do today anyways...

For most people their greatest fear is to speak in public. The second greatest fear is to die.... so I won't be long 

 With these ingredients your home party speech will be a huge success!

For a sample of a motivational speech, see the video

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