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Secrets to Get and Stay Miserable

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Oct 28, 2011 @ 01:58 PM

motivational speaker for employee retreatSome difficult people have mastered the art of being miserable. Yet in the end, no matter who you are, there has got to be something good in your life.

It takes effort for desolate personalities to stay that way. Why would you want to have a toxic way about you? Simple: to drag other people down and make them unhappy too.

Secrets to Get and Stay Miserable:

Look for the worst in everything. If someone says anything nice, stomp on it immediately with a negative rebuttal.

Walk around with a grouchy look on your face. Never make eye contact and never smile. If people think you are slightly creepy; this will work in your favor.

Shut down everyone elses ideas, especially annoying positive happy people. Get in the way of all progress by pointing out how bad things are and what could go wrong.

There is a fine line between good and bad. Emphasize the bad.

Spread nasty rumors and gossip about others and watch the assault

Be a non motivational speaker by spreading a wretching, gloomy perspective to an event or employee retreat.

Withhold vital information from others to see them scramble to figure it out

At a work event or employee retreat, If something good happens, dowplay or disguise it immediately

Use your overall negative energy as a force feild to bring others down, work diligently to spread toxic energy and decrease morale.

If by some miracle you are having a good time, disguise your enthusiasm immediately. Continue to focus on the negative.

All this negativety will likely result in some health issues which will be a great excuse to further wollow in misery, complain about it and possibly get time off work.

As a motivational speaker, I am a strong advocate of being positive and spreading positive energy. Over the years I have seen how negative people wear others out and drag down morale.

Hopefully negative people will read this blog and realize how ridiculous their dour ways are and finally give up on dragging others down for once and for all!

Otherwise call in a motivational speaker for your next employee retreat to remind you to remind people to stay positive.

If this list reminds you of someone, than you have a difficult person in your life ( don't we all). Find out how to deal with Difficult People Here.


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