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Does Technology Make Your Workplace Look Like a Joke?

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Oct 27, 2011 @ 10:57 AM

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The average 26 year old has more and better technology in his own personal use than he does at work. To some tech savvy Generation Y employees, the lack of acceptance and use of technology makes their workplace look like a joke.

I was a motivational speaker for a health care conference where one of the delegates shared this first person account of how technology makes her workplace look laughable.

Here is a first person account of what her day is like:

I wake up to my favourite song on my iPhone and immediately check the weather real time. I update my facebook status and check the status of my 300 closest friends. Heading to work, I use my GPS to divert around potential bottlenecks in traffic. I text my best pals to invite them over for wine and cheese this week; 90% reply back in 5 minutes.

I do all of this in the first 2 hours of my day. In my personal life I am exceptionally well organized and "in the know" because technology helps me stay connected and productive.

Than I go to Work. 

I walk in the door where several people are huddled around the front desk, so I slide into the circle to see what's up. The fax machine is broken, again.

I than try to set up a meeting with several other employees, knowing it will take weeks to confirm. I have no idea what the "status" is of any of my coworkers. It looks like one is pregnant but I don't dare ask. If she is, what will that mean? Will they get a replacement? How long will she be off?

I think one of my colleagues took another Job offer, but again I'm not sure.

Many young professionals scoff when they see how organizations are in the dark when it comes to technology.

In a world where something happens in Asia and it affects someone almost instantaneously in Alva Kentucky; organizations can't afford to ignore the impact technology has.

When people can be uber productive in their personal life and ultra annoyed at work; leadership may have a problem. Yet organizations continually ban facebook, twitter and Linked in at work. They aren't open to using personal productivity tools like text messaging to stay in contact when for some Generation Y's this may be the only way to connect.

It is a real eye opener to recognize the impact of technology and how much society has changed. It used to be organizations had the best technology (a fax machine was a dream to the average person), now the tables are turned.

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