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Motivational Speakers Break Away from PowerPoint Crutch

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Sep 30, 2011 @ 02:10 PM

motivational speakersThe first version of PowerPoint was released in 1987, since than this presentation technology has permeated many motivational speakers presentations, for better or for worse.

As a guest speaker I rarely use PowerPoint. I have not mastered the art of staying intensly focused on the audience while directing the audience to look up at a screen.

I have watched in awe as some motivational speakers use PowerPoint to engage, customize content and entertain. I have more often watched speakers trap themselves into dull, lifeless, unengaging PowerPoint presentations.

Here are some of the things that seem to help motivational speakers motivate and inspire while relying on this technology.

  • Effective speakers won't simply read a PowerPoint slide bullet point by bullet point, but will use it as a means to enhance their message. It is a motivational talks inspirational ideas that matter, not the slides.
  • Guiding participants through a motivational talks' core concepts, PowerPoint can capture and help audience members retain important ideas. Speakers who seemlessly use pictures, graphs and limited text per slide can enhance their message and enhance engagement.
  • Great Speakers take the time to customize their PowerPoint slide content to a group
  • When audience members are forced to look at a either a large PowerPoint screen or directly at a motivational speaker; most people would choose the screen. The intensity, enthusiasm and vitality of the speaker is lost.

When a motivational speaker effectively uses PowerPoint, you hardly notice the technology at all. It acts as a powerful backdrop, engaging more of the senses and solidifying the message.

When I use PowerPoint I always memorize the order of the slides and the key points on each slide. This way they can flow easily with what is coming out of my mouth without me having to look up at the screen and read off of it.

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