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Assessment Appraisers' Inspirational Speaker

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Sep 29, 2011 @ 11:41 AM

inspirational speaker for assessement appraisersOn October 5, 2011 I will be an Inspirational Speaker for the Saskatchewan Assessment Appraisers' Association. Approximately 100 property assessors will gather at the Ramada Inn in Regina Sk.

I am a speaker for the Assessment Appraisers' on the popular conflict management workshop I Love my Job, it's the People I can't Stand! Property Assessors are those wonderful people who show up at your door and ask to enter your property for the purposes of assessing it's value. The information they discover will help them properly assess homeowners property values for tax purposes. Needless to say many people do not warmly welcome the assessor at their door because it potentially means increased taxes.

This jovial group of assessors weather a fair bit of conflict in their work. After a property assessor sends his assessment to the homeowner, they have the right to disagree. They may appeal the assessment on the grounds that it is not fair or overvalued compared to their neighbor.

Some homeowners may appeal simply based on gut feeling or even boredom and excessive time on their hands( you know who you are). In this conflict management workshop I will discuss how to communicate with different generations, we will discuss the four different personality types and how it influences communication.

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