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How to Calm Someone Down

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Oct 05, 2011 @ 08:24 AM

speaker on conflict managementWhen I am a speaker on conflict management I discuss techniques to calm down an angry or aggressive person.

When someone is hostile or angry, the first thing you may want to say to them is calm down. However this is likely the worst thing you can say; it will just irritate them more.

In the face of anger, it is hard to keep your perspective, remain calm and not get emotionally embroiled in the animosity. With some simple communication techniques you can stay calm and collected and effectively talk people out of anger.

Here are some things to say to disarm angry people:

•That’s Interesting, Tell Me More
•Why would you say that?... Do that? Ask that?
•You seem like you are upset or yes I feel frustrated by this too
•Repeat and clarify.. So your saying..Is that right?
Remember to speak calmly, never raise your voice to match them, this only escalates emotions.
•Be Nice. Most people have a hard time screaming and yelling at someone who is being nice. Smile, they will wonder what you are up to.
•Provide information in the way someone needs to hear it:
-Detail oriented people need to analyze things before they can decide, they want information and time.
-Highly social relationship- oriented people like to talk things through. 
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