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Why Goofing Around at Work Boosts Morale

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Oct 03, 2011 @ 04:01 PM

corporate motivational speakerLaughing at work is not meant to undermine performance or productivity. Appropriately used, it will do the opposite.

Goofy, silly humor.

Don't immediately rule this one out as it is the fastest way to take yourself lightly and boost morale. Some stern work environments need to periodically loosen up, laugh at themselves and let go of the need to be in control and appear to look good all the time.

This is not clever humor, it takes very little thought and is easy. Children are great at being goofy, so set a playful tone at work and allow people to goof off and periodically do silly things that relate to your work environment( if the IRS can do it, anyone can do it- and they did and loved it) and boost morale.

As a Corporate Motivational speaker, Leaders often tell me they don't want employees to goof around at work and create a mochrie out of a very serious and important job. To set the tone for a serious corporate event I am sometimes asked to give a humorous motivational speech but please don't make it too goofy. So I don't. However I do feel they may be missing something. Limiting people from having fun is the reverse of encouraging it. It's all about timing, appropriateness, understanding and acceptance.

Timing and Appropriateness. Too much is too much. Hire a clown for an hour to perform for a corporate event and you may send the wrong message. Corporate audiences are adults not children and doing activities that are too silly and goofy will turn them off. People will roll their eyes and pray for a speech on rules and regulations.

Understanding and Acceptance. In business there is a reason we do everything, it is goal oriented. Any humorous attempt needs to have a purpose and this needs to be communicated. Remember to keep top of mind the reasons we need to lighten up.

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