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How to Deal with Broken Promises

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Sep 27, 2011 @ 03:29 PM

motivational speaker for franchise conferenceAs a motivational speaker at a recent franchise conference I suggested there are several ways to deal with unmet expectations:

Violence...Verbal or abusive attacks on the other person will only serve to aggravate the conflict. Violence results when someone has no other means to deal with their anger but through aggressive attacks.

Silence...Buttoning your lip is by far the most common form of responding to dashed expectations. Confronting others is always challenging because it pulls you out of your comfort zone and puts relationships to the test. Slinking away from conflict ensures the bad ass gets away with it in the future. Mistakes, miscommunication, accidents and lowered morale will result from a work environment that refuses to address poor or dangerous behavior and hold others accountable.

Keeping quiet often causes passive aggressive behaviour to fester beneath the surface further undermining performance. If someone can't state what they want- they often manipulate in passive ways ( ie- trying to adjust their schedule to not work with the underperformer).

Confrontation....Calling people on poor performance or missed expectations is the only real way to hold others accountable. The problem may be miscommunication, unclear expectations and poor leadership. It is a shared responsibility to keep performance up to par.

As a motivational speaker for the franchise conference I compelled upon the group that to truly have influence, leadership has to hold others accountable for their actions. Confrontating missed expectations can enhance relationships, boost morale and ensure leadership shines a light on poor performance before it's too late.

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