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Motivational Speaker for Government Finance Officers

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Sep 13, 2011 @ 03:54 PM

motivational speaker for government finance officersOn September 16, 2011 I am scheduled to be a motivational speaker for the Washington Finance Officers Association Conference in Spokane, Washington.

The event draws over 500 government finance professionals from across the State of Washington and will feature several motivational speakers and motivational talks.

My pre-event interviews have revealed that government finance is not an easy job. Although it has taken a while for the effects of the recession to trickle down to the state budget level, it has now hit the bottom line full force. Shaving every last dime from an already skeletal budget is no easy task.

Another stress is dealing with council members. These elected officials may not have any significant business background, yet they are armed with the ability to direct their district's funding. Money makes the world go around! Putting money into one pocket usually means taking it from another, and balancing these demands and resources is not easy.

Added to this challenge, government finance officers are all subject to state audits, a process designed to ensure districts are safeguarding taxpayer dollars. State auditors review grants, make sure all proper paperwork is in place, process cash receipts, and audit system controls.  This is a great safeguard for public assets, but the time necessary to collect and explain data can have a real impact on the stress levels at the office being audited.

Government finance professionals do have the satisfaction of knowing their work makes a difference in the community, which is usually what calls them to this often stressful line of work.

As the closing motivational speaker for the government finance officers I will be doing a motivational talk about surviving and thriving change. It will be my contribution to keeping government productive!

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