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Motivational Speaker Lost in the Dark

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Sep 13, 2011 @ 11:29 AM

Motivational Speaker for Office of EducationI was scheduled to be a motivational speaker for the San Diego County Office of Education on September 9th.  At approximately 11 pm on September 8th, the event was cancelled. See our blog post, Motivational Speaker for Office of Education.

The states of California and Arizona and parts of mexico suffered one of the largest power outages in history, one that lasted close to ten hours and disrupted power across a lot of geography and affected over a million people. 

The San Diego County school superintendent had a tough decision to make: hold out and hope the power would be restored or cancel this long-anticipated event. With over 1200 people scheduled to attend, he had to act fast. All schools and buses in San Diego had already been cancelled, so the impending fate of the event seemed inevitable.

Ultimately, the event was postponed. I am still very eager to be a motivational speaker for the office of education when the event can be rescheduled.

The planning committee, including members of VEBA, the employee benefits program who is sponsoring the event, is an incredibly passionate, dedicated and organized group. Everyone has worked really hard to make this event a success - which it will be, when it happens. It just goes to show how in the meetings and events industry, some of the best laid plans can be derailed.

I will be giving a funny motivational speech for the office of education staff and I'm sure we will have a lot to laugh about.

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