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Guest Speaker, Please don't be Boring

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Sat, Oct 15, 2011 @ 10:03 PM

guest speakerCharged with giving a speech, a guest speaker has a choice to overwhelm the audience with terse content or enrich the content to make it more palpable.

Many guest speakers struggle to engage a crowd.

Never ending content is by far the quickest way  to have a few people nodding off, below is a list of things a guest speaker does that causes a speech to be a bore

  • Speak in monotone. I used to have a university professor who had No inflection in his voice. His lecture was Guaranteed to be a snoozer
  • Disorganized and unprepared guest speakers will not hold an audience and their point will get lost in the chaos
  • Overusing words like uh
  • I'm sorry but you have to stop apologizing. One of the surest way to undermine your speech is to stumble over your point and mutter your regrets. The audience likely wouldn't know the difference, so skip the apologies and carry on
  • Leaning lethargically on the podium conveys a guest speaker lack of interest in the audience

Desperate to stay awake, I used to yank my eyebrows out one -by -one;forced to listening to a boring guest speaker.

With some of the suggestions above any guest speaker can make their speech more interesting

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