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What Reality Tv Teaches Us

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Aug 24, 2011 @ 10:44 AM

motivational keynote speakerReality tv has become so popular it replaces other original, unique, well thought out programming.

Turn on the tv and you can't seem to get away from provocative reality television shows. I think good tv is something more substantive than throwing people into situations and urging them to fight with each other.

Watching people make fools of themselves on tv may have been interesting for awhile but enough is enough. consider traditional shows like the Brady Bunch, friends or seinfeld and you see friendships, family values, lessons about what's right and wrong, hard work leading to success and more. Reality tv teaches us exactly the opposite.

Some reality shows are educational and worthwhile but the majority involve the same rehashed competitive degredation.

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Here are some of things in my opinion, reality tv teaches it's loyal viewers:

  • To be competitive
  • Luck is more important than skill or hard work
  • It is ok or even advantageous to be emotional,dramatic, or cry in public, preferably on television
  • You win or you lose, there is no in between
  • Winning is all that matters
  • Backstabbing, rumors and lies will get you ahead
  • You may be judged harshly and it won't feel good
  • If the audience pities you, it helps
  • Stalking ex lovers is a good idea

When i was a motivational speaker for a financial professionals, the other speaker talked about how Reality TV is destroying society and culture. The financial professionals seemed to really buy into the motivational speakers message.

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What do you think about reality Tv? How does it impact our society?

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