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Factors that Indicate the Need for a Team Building Seminar

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Aug 10, 2011 @ 04:18 PM

motivational speakerA Team Building seminar is a means to help people work better together.

Conflict, miscommunication, missed deadlines, and low morale are all factors that indicate you need to do some team building.

Remember that these are generic; to have an effective team building seminar you need to zero in on what areas your team needs to focus on the most.

Some of your sources of team conflict may be:

  • Confusion about who does what (roles)
  • Communication break down
  • Poor decision making
  • Lack of empowerment to get the job done
  • Refusal to accept change

What team building will reveal is if your team has the skills, resources, recognition, support, and autonomy necessary to do the job well. If people do not have this support from leadership, the break down in teamwork is not there fault. A team building seminar will do nothing but temporarily puff them up and they will only faulter again later.

Before initiating a team building seminar, recognize first if poor teamwork is because of the team or is it because of poor leadership. If leaders don't offer proper work guidelines, clear expectations, training and support- teamwork initiatives are a waste of time.

As a motivational speaker sometimes i transition into a team building seminar and find it is not a team work issue at all but a lack of good leadership.

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