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How to Make Your Leadership Retreat More Interesting

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Aug 22, 2011 @ 10:53 AM

motivational speakerLeadership Retreats are not just for throwing information at people; they are for learning. To build on group wisdom, be very clear on the leadership skills you want to work on with the group.

Always reinforce your corporate mission, vision and values. Don't just talk about them - ask participants to come to the retreat with examples in action.

Be sure the meeting content is relevant to the participants. As a motivational speaker, over the years I have seen some really creative twists that make retreats more compelling for those who attend.

Below are some Fun ways to Liven a Leadership Retreat Up:

When I was a speaker for a transportation conference, they gave participants  Play-Doh to have something to do with their hands while people are talking.  It was different, it was memorable, and it was a hit with this crowd!

Let participants create nicknames for themselves or each other... they can be whimsical, action-oriented or just plain silly. 

Reinforce key concepts.  Give participants small squishy balls to throw whenever agreed-upon, announced concept is repeated. This enhances participation - it keeps the audience engaged and makes sure they listen.

As a motivational speaker for the transportation conference, we gave late comers a spontaneous round of applause. The group loved it.

For long and painful information sharing sessions...Have each speaker stand either in the middle or the back of the room. This draws attention to them and they tend not to ramble on.

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