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Leadership: The Number One Factor That Determines Turnover

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Jul 26, 2011 @ 02:51 PM

generational speaker for HR ConferenceI was a generational speaker at an HR Leadership Conference where they hosted a panel discussing the factors that cause people to quit their jobs.  All the typical morale busting qualities apply... you should quit your job when you feel a lack of respect and appreciation, when you can make more money elsewhere, when you hate your boss, etc.

The surprising finding? The number one indicator of potential job turnover is.... age. Younger generations (Generation Y and Linksters) are quitting their jobs at an alarmingly higher rate than any other generation.

Job turnover is much higher now than ever before because younger generations are not willing to put up with any BS. They have been raised with a healthy sense of self respect, and they are willing to define what they expect for a job opportunity then see if an employer is willing to deliver.

This is a very different perspective from baby boomers and veterans, who often felt themselves lucky just to have a job. Boomers would never walk in with a list of demands and question authority the way younger generations today do, and there are multiple reasons for that.

Most Gen Y's have the security of going back to live with their parents (65% of our new grads do this).  If they don't take advantage of this luxury, many will have a financial back up plan (i.e. loan from their parents?) or funds saved up for a rainy day.

Most young professionals don't have to beg for work, there are more skilled jobs  in many occupations available than skilled people to do them. Even a cashier can garner more than minimum wage as employers clamour for hired help.

As a several speakers for the HR Conference suggested, employees shouldn't prolong the pain; they should quit their jobs if they hate what they are doing or the company they are working for. Do the organization, their leadership and yourself a favor and cut ties before resentment and animosity set in.

This bold younger generation, having the strength and back up of their parents, is changing our organizations and our work ethic forever.

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Human Resources professionals- have you noticed Generation Y is the generation with the Highest Turnover?

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