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Boost your Motivational Speaker Return on Investment

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Aug 05, 2011 @ 05:53 PM

motivational speakerMeeting planners and motivational speakers have some great opportunities to explore and maximize your relationship. When you hire a guest speaker to just fly in, give a motivational speech and leave you leave some great opportunities on the table.

Before the Event...Educational/ Promotional

  • Have the guest speaker visit your blog, comment on it and follow you on twitter
  • Ask for short, memorable enticing motivational sayings from the keynote speaker and tweet them out, linking back to the convention website.
  • Have your motivational guest speaker write a guest blog and tweet about it
  • Do a short video of the keynote speaker welcoming delegates to the event and discussing their motivational speech, suggesting delegates follow them on twitter and comment on the convention blog.

During the Event

  • In your contract, ask your guest speaker to stay around for the whole day to network, ask them to attend the banquet, luncheons etc.
  • Set up a booth or table for the keynote speaker in the trade show area to draw traffic. Have the guest speaker stationed here to sell books, answer questions, and more.
  • Ask the speaker to do a keynote session and a break out session
After the Event
  • Look for follow up tools to enhance and reinforce the learning. Have the motivational speaker write a follow up article for your blog or newsletter.
  • If possible, have the guest speaker donate articles monthly or quarterly for you blog or publications that reinforce their message.
  • Keep the conversation alive, either on your blog or encourage delegates to follow the guest speakers blog.

When i was a guest speaker for a teachers convention they did all of this and more. I still have contact and feedback from the members and it is 2 years later.
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