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CLFMI Humorous Motivational Speaker

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jul 20, 2011 @ 11:24 AM

humorous motivational speakerLast weekend I was a closing humorous motivational speaker for the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute in Banff Alberta.

Over 50 participants from across the United States and Canada attended. Mark Levin of Baileadership, organized this incredibly unique event. Mark is a motivational speaker who specializes in membership development, volunteer leadership training and staff development for associations and non-profit organizations around the world.

The CLFMI hosted a Mid Evil Night at the Majestic Banff Springs Alberta Fairmont Hotel where a lot of roasting, toasting and overall halarious mid evil ribbing took place. The head table sported 15th Century Costumes. The hotel, modeled after a scottish castle hosts this Midevil reception with a very talented emcee Lord Chamberlain who facilitates dialogue between the King, CLFMI's president Mike Sonnenberg, and his court.

Throughout the evening Lord Chamberlain encouraged participants to roast the head table of royals by airing their grievances

Participants were told to kneel before the king and ask his permission to use the washroom. To be granted the opportunity to use the restroom participants were instructed to "skip to the loo".

The meal was served without silverware, it turns out eating cut potatoes isn't that hard without cutlery.

As the closing motivational speaker I presented a program called the Nerve to Serve... Say Hello & Goodbye to Burnout! Chain Link Fence Manufacturers have a great sense of humor, they love to laugh and revel in the opportunity to laugh at themselves... and each other.

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