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Unique Trade Show Promotional Items

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Aug 03, 2011 @ 05:41 PM

conference keynote speakerAs a conference keynote speaker I have attended a lot of trade shows and picked up some neat promotional items from industry vendors.

Promotional items are expensive to produce and ship to convention venues. If they're thoughtful and useful, people will keep them; if they aren't, they will be tossed in the trash. Most promotional items sport the organization's name on it as a great reminder of its products.

As a conference speaker, here are some of the more memorable and useful items I have collected:

Plastic margarita glasses. Just looking at the fluted plastic cup makes me smile. It is whimsical, useful and fun. This trade show vendor was making virgin margaritas at the booth, and you could keep the glass. The line up for margaritas circled the room!

Groucho Marx goggles. They are funny and generate great conversation. People tend to keep them for their children at home or for the young at heart at work. As the humorous keynote speaker I found it easy to tie them into my speech.

A mini tape measure/keychain - Uber useful and convenient. Comes in handy over and over!

Mini Flashlight keychains ....

Solar powered cell phone charger. Plug this gadget into your phone and it uses solar energy to recharge it; great if you are on a plane and unable to use an electrical outlet.

Pedometer to keep track of how how much you walk . . . or don't!

One vendor gave away bright sun visors. A hot day by the pool sported hundreds of these fun visors. A great promotional ploy.

Sunscreen, in hot destinations ....

I was a speaker for a safety conference where one vendor gave away a mini safety kit with bandages, gauze, safety goggles and more.  Definitely a keeper!

Product samples are always a good way to get people to discover the usefulness of vendor products.

Notepads, pens, calendars and mugs have overextended their usefulness. The more unique and personalized to the event (and delegates) your promotional items are, the better and the more memorable they will be - just like your conference speakers!

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