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The Whole Dam Story

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Jul 12, 2011 @ 04:52 PM

motivational speaker for utility companyWe visited the Revelstoke Dam Visitor Centre today. It's a fascinating tour of the largest of 14 dams built around the powerful Columbia River, which is the fourth largest river in North America.

Built by BC Hydro, these five generators at Revelstoke dam site supply electricity to approximately 800,000 homes. It took a workforce of nearly 3,000 people eight years to build.

Basically hydro-electricity is created by taking the force of gravity and water falling from high elevations and converting it to energy. It's that simple (after you add in about 100 steps in-between the water falling from high elevations to electricity in the home) to process the energy and make it available to homes throughout British Columbia. Hydroelectric dams are one of the cleanest ways we have to generate electricity. They produce significantly less greenhouse gas emissions per gigawatt hour than fossil fuel sources such as natural gas diesel or coal.

When I was a speaker for a utility company a few years back I saw another speaker who used charts and diagrams to illustrate energy conservation concepts, and the whole theory was lost on me. Nothing is as amazing as actually touring the facility.  It clarifies the entire process.  BC Hydro employees play a valuable role in conserving the environment and providing clean energy.

I am hired to be a funny motivational speaker for another utility company in May, so where is the humor in all of this? Stay tuned!

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