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How to Facilitate a Corporate Innovation Session

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Jul 18, 2011 @ 10:52 AM

motivational guest speaker for corporate eventsHelp employees push past boredom, boost morale and develop a rich imagination by facilitating a corporate innovation session!

As a guest speaker for corporate events, I find that innovation soars when staff members are required to be creative and reinvent their work.

Here is what to consider when designing corporate innovation sessions:

Set Expectations to generate creative work ideas. Don't just encourage it, build it in as a part of the job culture.  New ideas are formed from the unexpected combination of already existing concepts. Encourage out of the box boundaries, where no idea is a bad one.

Schedule Routine Creativity Sessions to throw ideas around. Ideas fly around and feed off each other in groups. Facilitated properly, the creative spirit and vitality can spread and engage team members.

Use colorful Post-It notes on a big white space to see new combinations. Move ideas around until something sticks. Because you don't know what idea will evolve, work with loose boundaries and broad structure.

Move Around, dance, sing, be silly. It helps release inhibitions and encourage free flowing dialogue.  Capture all suggestions and cross pollinate ideas to come up with out of the box solutions.

Organized chaos challenges peoples' perspectives about their jobs, boosts morale and strengthens teams.

Coordinate Small Sub Teams and hold them accountable to follow up and implement solutions they believe in.

Follow up. Using online discussions, sub groups can blog about their ideas and ask for feedback from the larger organization.

Corporate events can feature a guest speaker whose role is to come in with a different perspective on corporate culture and help challenge employees.

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