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Qualities of an Ideal Employee

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Jul 08, 2011 @ 12:11 PM

As a keynote speaker for an HR conference, we discussed the qualities of the 'best employee.'  A lively and engaging discussion evolved, and the following profile was the result.

Introducing Sally, the Ideal (fictional) Employee...

Sally passionately pursuits her work. Her enthusiasm and pride for her profession is evident in everything. Small seemingly insignificant acts of grace and kindness underscore graceful professionalism. She takes care of conflict in a professional and courteous way and always maintains her cool. She capitalizes on her strengths and works on her weaknesses. She listens well and accepts criticism. She is punctual, professional and has high performance standards.

She contemplates her actions, but doesn't overanalyze. She regularily gives credit to others and recognizes team and group achievement. Leadership comes naturally for her. She is dependable, self-disciplined and reliable. She has a great sense of humor and can laugh at herself. She craves continuing professional development, attends conferences and is on several industry committees.

Is this perfect employee possible?  When I was a speaker for the HR conference,  most of the leadership in attendance admitted that these qualities don't all exist in one employee, all at the same time.  Who can continually be this perfect?
We can set employee expectations for some of these qualities, like courteousness and professionalism, while other like grace and kindness are qualities inherent in an individual - these traits have to hired, because they can't be taught.

What other qualites are missing from our profile?

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