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Funny Motivational Speaker Brad Montgomery

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Jun 30, 2011 @ 08:09 AM

A very funny motivfunny motivational speakerational speaker, Brad Montgomery, happened to sit next to me on a flight from Fort Myers, Florida to Chicago.

The ironic part of it is that only a week earlier I had been hired as a guest speaker for a school district because they had hired Brad the year before, and the group enthusiastically ate it up. They were expecting the same uproariously funny speech from me this year. No pressure. (left... photo of Brad and his wife Kim)

When I told Brad that I was also a motivational speaker, he immediately asked to be reseated. Just kidding, actually we were wrapped up in conversation for hours.

Here is what I learned about the funny motivational speaker, Brad Montgomery:

- Brad currently lives in Mexico with his family. They moved there for a year stint when Brad and his wife Kim realized their son couldn't survive a day without Tivo. Brad wanted to show his children a different way of life instead immersing them with the quick fix, modern luxuries that kids today enjoy.

- Brad's wife is a former lawyer who is now writing romance novels. Personally, I think there is a huge need for a new voice in the romance novel arena. Authors like Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts keep pumping out the same characters with the same plots.  Incidently, if I weren't sitting next to Brad, I would have been reading a romance novel.

- When Brad returns home from his trips to the United States he brings back polo shirts for his friends in Mexico.

- Brad incorporates magic in his motivational speeches.

I have seen Brad's website online and I suggest he is even better offline. A very genuine, easy-going, good natured character, who also happens to be a very funny motivational speaker. Visit him at

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