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Motivational Guest Speaker's Steps to Think Huge

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jul 06, 2011 @ 02:45 PM

funny motivational speaker for financial servicesI was hired as a closing keynote speaker for the Arizona credit union league last month, where the opening motivational speaker was Mark Arnold, president of on the Mark Strategies.

A frequent guest speaker for credit unions and author of several books, Mark was named CUNA National's Marketing Professional of the Year and the Texas credit union Marketer of the Year - both very impressive accomplishments! Great accomplishments for someone whose teacher, early in his credit union career, looked him in the eyes and suggested that he would never be a success in marketing. He proved her wrong. Mark's motivational speech was a collection of inspirational stories like this one from Southwest Airlines:

As the true story goes, a woman went on a business trip leaving her children with their grandparents. The children and grandparents got into a bad car accident, the grandmother died and the grandfather rescued the children. When the businesswomen heard what happened, she called Southwest to book an immediate flight home. The airline staff met her at the airport and efficiently escorted her through security to catch her connecting flight.

When she arrived at the hospital, she found her children suffered only minor injuries and was overwhelmed to see her little girls' hospital room filled with cards, flowers, and well wishes all from Southwest Airlines. That is service influence above and beyond what anyone would expect.
Mark's motivational speech for financial service professionals compelled the audience to think huge about their individual impact and offered these 6 techniques....

Think Vision
Think People
Think Passion
Think Time
Think Perseverance
Think Learning

Mark impressed upon people to remember their IQ, their Influence Quotient. What kind of influence do you have? Is it like the teacher who tried to break her student's spirit or is it like Southwest Airlines, who create a service spirit that will be remembered for years to come?

For more information on Mark's motivational speeches for financial services go to his site www.markarnold.com

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