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Quiz... Rank your Leadership Skills

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Jul 22, 2011 @ 02:17 PM

motivational speaker for credit unionsHow Are You Perceived as a Leader?

I was a speaker for the Arizona Credit Union League on June 17, 2011.

Another motivational speaker for the credit unions, Mark Arnold, in his inspirational speech adapted this quiz from The Leadership Institute to test how you are perceived by the people you lead.

Take this quiz to unravel your own leadership impression on others

On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being never, 2 being Almost Never, 3 being Half the Time, 4 being Almost Always, 5.....Always

Healthy Self Concept

Professionally Competent

Goal Directed and Self Motivated

Motivated by a Desire for Accomplishment

Committed to Personal Performance Standards

Unwilling to Compromise what is Right

Continually learning and Developing

Self Competitive

Desire to Succeed

Consistent in Performance

High Personal Energy Level

Avoids Procrastination

Solutions Oriented

Priority Thinker

Ability to focus and Concentrate

Utilizes Creativity and Imagination

Intuitive Decision Making Ability

Emotionally Calm and not easily Angered

Exercises and Inspires Initiative

Genuinely People Oriented

Good Understanding of Human Nature

Promotes Positive Teamwork

Ability to Motivate others into Action

Demonstrate a Sense of Fair Play

Judicious use of Authority

Sensitive to the Emotional Climate of the Team

Expresses Pride in the Team as a Whole

Not Concerned with who gets Credit

Continually Open to Constructive Input

Avoids Negative Thinking and Talking

Acknowledges Others Openly

Avoids Criticism of Others

Leverages the Ideas of Others

Seeks to Understand First

Helps others Benefit from mistakes

Really Trusts Their People

Total your score to determine which category of leadership best applies to you.

140 to 175. High Performance Leader
105 to 139. Outstanding Leader
70 to 104. Effective Leader
35 to 69. Manager
0 to 34. See us after Class!

The motivational speaker than asked the credit union leaders to list their 3 most critical areas for self improvement.

After taking this quiz, what are your leadership strengths and areas to improve? Do your quiz results balance with your expectations?

For more about Mark Arnold and his Inspirational Speeches for Financial Professionals, go to

More Leadership Ideas and Resources for financial professionals can be found here

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