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School Superintendents Lighten Up at School Conference

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Jun 28, 2011 @ 02:18 PM

humorous motivational speakerI was a keynote speaker for the Kentucky School Superintendents' conference last week. School superintendents are typically known to be a very stern, deadpan group - however not in Kentucky. This group, 90% male senior school leaders, loved the opportunity to laugh at themselves, each other, and the education profession.

With our limited amount of time together, we discussed the power that humor has to decrease stress, maintain perspective and lighten the work load. As a humorous motivational speaker, I find some audiences need to lighten up more than others, while others just appreciate the joy of watching solemn and staid members of their group crack up.

We also discussed change, which is a challenge for all of us. This group of staunch professionals has weathered the storm and recognized that the rate of change will only accelerate in the education arena.  Thanks to technology, generational value preferences, outdated teaching approaches and more, the pace of change for educators will be relentless.  Education  for the future needs to evolve to be more interactive, more forgiving of individual learning style and preferences, and more engaging for learners.

The other motivational speaker for the school superintendents was Stephen Ventura from the Leadership and Learning Center, who spoke about effective  grading practices. He suggested many grading practices distort actual student performance whenmeasured against the four criteria for effective grading: accurate, fair, timely and understandable. Given these criteria many education grading systems fall short.

For more information about motivational speaker Stephen Ventura's presentation for school superintendents visit

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