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3 Things a Guest Speaker Should Tell the AV Guy

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Jun 21, 2011 @ 07:26 PM

guest speaker for staff appreciation eventI was hired last month as a funny guest speaker for a staff appreciation event. As soon as I started to speak I realized three things I wished I had told the AV Guy:

  1. 1. When to Dim the Lights. On the odd occasion I use PowerPoint, and speaking for the staff appreciation event was one of those occasions. For the audience to view the short customized video (with funny staff photos in it) properly, the AV guy will need to dim the lights - and I forgot to tell him that. I decided to start the PowerPoint, then while it was playing I walked off the stage to tell the AV Guy to please dim the lights. Less than elegant.
  2. My Movement Pattern. I walk through the audience a lot. Because I didn't mention it to him, he didn't have the chance to remind me to watch out for the microphone cords running across the floor, so I tripped. I also ran into areas of feedback around certain speakers which he could have made me aware of, had he known i would walk right in front of them. There is nothing more frustrating when you are hired as a funny guest speaker to witness your best punchline flop because it is drowned out by the crackling of the microphone.
  3. When to turn the lights back up - the flip side of #1. My video was less than five minutes long, and after that I spoke in the dark. Unfortunately the AV Guy left the room after he turned down the lights, and he never came back. Several participants stumbled around looking for lighting. Some of the house lights went on but not the stage. To be a funny guest speaker you rely on facial expression, which nobody could see in the dark.

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