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Arizona Credit Union League Humorous Guest Speaker

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jun 08, 2011 @ 12:04 PM

humorous speaker for credit unionsOn June 17, 2011,  I am a guest speaker for the Arizona Credit Union League, where approximately 110 credit union volunteers, executives, management and operational employess will gather at the Radisson Fort McDowell Scottsdale, Arizona.

The theme of the conference is fittingly, A New Journey, Don't Stop Believing. The last several years have been a challenging time for all financial service institutions including credit unions. I am a humorous guest speaker for the credit unions to help them embrace levity in order to decrease stress, maintain balance and build positive perspectives during challenging times.

Due to financial cut backs, everyone is pressed to do more with less.  Since the financial crisis, people aren't borrowing so credit unions aren't getting loans out. Credit unions have had to cut staff and budgets have dwindled.

I spoke with Jaquetta Ward, director of Adminstration & Education for the league. She explained the difference between a credit union and a traditional bank is credit unions are non profit institutions. They do not have shareholders, so when they make a profit they give it back to members.

Credit unions have a basic philosophy of people helping people. They make the best effort possible to truly serve customers to improve their financial future. Typically, you get a cozy credit union experience versus a big bank impersonal one.

I am a guest speaker for the credit union AGM on a humorous program called This Would be Funny If it Wasn't Happening to Me! My objective is to renew enthusiasm and passion for financial services professionals who play such an important role in our community. We will explore how humor decreases stress, balances perspective and delivers renewed enthusiasm in changing times.

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