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Develop a Leadership Program for the Generations

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Apr 18, 2011 @ 03:23 PM

Motivational Diversity SpeakerThe CUPA HR Southern Regional Conference had a dynamic diversity speaker for their HR professionals, Penny Hampton, Director of Professional Development for  Oklahoma City Community College. Penny presented a diversity workshop that highlighted the diverse values of different generations.

Here is some insights the speaker for the HR conference presented in her diversity workshop:

1927-1945... The Silent Generation

Events of their time... the great depression, World War II

Cautious. Value Safety and Security

  • Civil rights, civic minded
  • Community, conformity
  • Hard working, indifferent
  • Loyal, respect authority
  • Silent, withdrawn

1946-1964...Baby Boomers

Events that shape them... Born after a crisis, new social order, higher income, growth and prosperity

  • Cynical
  • Equate salary with Success
  • Individual and loyal
  • Morals and principles
  • Work Centric
  • Responsible to family

1965- 1980... Generation X

Events that shape them...Both parents work, 40% of parents divorced, saw the spaceship the Challenger explode

  • Ambitious and hardworking
  • Autonomous. Prefer minimal management
  • Creative
  • Dislike rigidity
  • Expect flexible work shifts
  • High value for family
  • Thrives on diversity, technology
  • Value work-life balance and professional development
  • Individualistic not collaborative

1981-1995, The Millennial Generation

Events that shape them... technology, devices, 911, social networking

  • Flexible
  • Creative
  • E-Tools to allow working remotely
  • Value professional development
  • Frequent communication
  • Multi- tasking
  • Not loyal or long term on the job
  • Lax work ethic
  • Entreprenerial
  • Need immediate feedback
  • and I add... Sense of Entitlement

1995- Present ....Generation Next

Events that shape them... total immersion in technology, attention from their parents

  • Born within technology, highly connected
  • Short attention span
  • Impatient
  • Individualistic
  • Parents as advisors
  • Self directed

A motivational diversity speaker for HR professionals, Penny suggested that to create a diversity workshop, you must decide what competencies your leadership program should develop, what your goals are, who should attend and what follow up and feedback are necessary. Discuss the events and characteristics of each generation and what training is important to help generations recognize, communicate and embrace diversity.

More HR Professional Resources can be found here.

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