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Healthcare Leadership, Stop Talent Poaching and Grow Your Own

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Mar 28, 2011 @ 12:59 PM

inspirational speaker for healthcare conferenceThe war for talent is still on. Despite an economic pullback, there are still more jobs than skilled labor to do them. What an enviable position to be in, especially for young gen Y employees, to start your career with more skilled jobs than people to do them. Organizations lined up in demand for your talent.

I was an inspirational speaker for a large healthcare conference, where the theme was how to attract and retain strong healthcare professionals.

A couple of healthcare leaders from a rural healthcare facility were standing by the coffee station bragging about how they had poached talent from their local gas station and the nearby Wal-Mart.

Wow! They must be desperate. I have no idea what position they were trying to fill, but it seems to me that gas stations and healthcare are worlds apart. Some would reason that poaching talent from your direct competition is unethical but at least you are paying for skills related to the job.

The argument for poaching from dissimilar industries is that you can develop skills but you can't train attitude. By this definition, the smiling optimistic teenager at Wal-Mart will do just fine.

You can waste a lot of time searching for talent or you can develop, train and recruit from the talent base you have.

Grow Your Own-Develop Skills, Don't Buy them

As the speaker for the healthcare conference, I decided to stick to my guns and encourage the healthcare leadership to mentor and develop the skill from within their own organizations. When we do this, we enhance our community.

If your healthcare leadership hires someone and your competition steals them away for greater pay and benefits, who wins? The overall picture suggests that the employee who is job switching is only getting basic training from the first employer, then leaving a lot of knowlege and professional development opportunities behind. On a larger community perspective, we are erroding the skill base and the health and care of our community is at jeopardy.

Attrition levels within many industries is high because employees can take their skills elsewhere for more opportunity and pay. Attract and retain top talent by providing those opportunities within your organizational culture.

Here are some tips to Keep your Talent:

  • Check in. Ask people if they are happy with their jobs and why.
  • Provide recoginition. Lack of recognition is still the number one reason people leave their work. Do you recognize people effectively and often? Find out How to Recognize People Here
  • Develop a Long Term Perspective. Engage employees in a conversation about how long they see themselves with the organization. Ask key players, Where do see you yourself in this organization 10 years from now? What skills do we need to develop to get you there? Help make it happen.

Healthcare Leadership- Go Here ...For more ideas to attract and retain healthcare professionals from inspirational healthcare speaker, Jody Urquhart

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