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Happiness is a Habit, Author Speaker Richard O'Connors

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Mar 22, 2011 @ 01:53 PM

inspirational guest speakerWe assume that happiness is a natural thing. It's not. Science is teaching us how to create happiness. Science confirms money can't buy happiness (although I would like the opportunity to try). Those who believe that having money would make them happy find that once you get the money, it is no longer motivating.

As a motivational inspirational speaker, I am always eager to learn more about how to be happy.

Apparently evolution has made us alert, tense and dissatisfied. We were designed to have a constant burning deep down but now that our basic needs are taken care of, we don't know what we want.

Our day to day choices result in small amounts of pain or pleasure which guide our actions, not always for the better.

At a recent conference, an inspirational guest speaker quoted author/speaker Richard O'Connors' research on happiness. So I picked up his book, Happy at Last. I have since found it gives me pleasure knowing how I sabotage my happiness.

O'Connors suggests that too much stress alters happiness because it burns out your pleasure center in your brain. Stress is a huge contributor to an inability to be happy. Note that depression is different from stress; stress is usually our reaction to change of some sort.

When I was an inspirational guest speaker for government employees last year, the conference focused on depression (Depression in government, hmmm. Consider that.). What I took away from the other guest speaker was that depression is a mind malfunction and not something you can just think positive and wish away.

Author/speaker Richard O'Connors reveals in his groundbreaking book, that if you are a grouchy pessimist by choice, it may be something you can alter by deliberately searching for the optimistic perspective. Decreasing stress levels and altering your perspective to focus on the positive puts you on the road to more happiness.

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