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The Magic of Laughter Inspires and Cheers You

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Mar 23, 2011 @ 12:03 PM

humorous speaker for banking conferenceLaughter is a physiological necessity. Without it you could die. Okay, I can't prove that but I'm very suspicious. Studies have proven though that laughing automatically reoxygenates the blood, boosts energy levels and decreases stress.

Laughter is a habit. Like all habits, you have to cultivate it. Humor in the workplace may not come naturally either.

Many curmudgeons would argue that real laughter is spontaneous not practiced. Yet the brain can be fooled - it does not know the difference between a real and imagined event, and fake laughter has the same healthy effects as a genuine knee-slapper.

The average person who goes plodding along through life needs  spirit and energy that comes from laughter. To neglect to laugh is a crime against your wellness.

Human beings are not born serious. Life beats you down, teachs you to grow up and let go of the ability to let go. You lose that zest to live in the moment that children have. After all this seriousness training the the School of Experience dishes out, taking yourself lightly takes effort.

I was a humorous speaker for a banking leadership conference; this was a very serious crowd. It took logical argument to convince these pent up professionals to leave some room to giggle.

When I was the humorous speaker for this banking conference, here is the "next step" advice I gave the banking leadership:

  • Let go of your serious, controlled approach to things and take on a light and unexpected attitude to find humor in the workplace
  • Ease conflict by saying something light and unexpected
  • Develop the ability to laugh at the things that aren't really funny, play with your frustrations
  • Appreciate spontaneous humor in the workplace

The other speaker for the banking conference was not humorous. Instead, he spoke on loss reduction control. Hmm, I think they needed some levity after that. It took a while for them to get on board, but the banking leadership really let go and had fun.

Find out if you need to lighten up and other humorous leadership motivational keynote speaker resources

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