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Leadership -Gen Y Needs you to Keep Score

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Mar 24, 2011 @ 12:26 PM

speaker for healthcare conferenceI was a generational speaker at a healthcare conference and they were very concerned about retaining Generation Y (younger) professionals.

One thing this generation is very motivated by is a score card that tracks and recognizes daily accomplishments. This is likely because of the nature of technology and it's ability to give immediate feedback. Gen Y expects the same immediate tracking system at work. This idea could revolutionize leadership recognition programs.

It was discussed by the speakers at the healthcare conference, to give this kind of feedback on individual work, you need a system.

A fantastic content rich Generational speaker for the healthcare conference, Bruce Tulgan gives the example of a warehouse where every employee is on a point system. They get points by moving boxes,  you lose points if you break bottles or don't reach your quota.

People are practically climbing over each other to get more points. The points do most of the management for leadership. I like this idea, so let's explore it.

Like all recognition programs...

The first caution for leadership to consider is only recognize peoople when they go above and beyond, never give points for mediocre work.

The challenge with the system is it does set up a sense of entitement, so be aware of giving people points for nothing.

A recognition program points sytem to track performance:

Points should be allocated for doing things well or efficiently. So they need to be attached to measureable performance.Think of ways to convert performance into a point system.

Attach points for:

  • everytime they come in early, take away points when they are late
  • very thorough work, in a healthcare professionals world this might be when nurses charts are reviewed and they are legible and accurate.
  • exceeding customer expectations
  • productivity, when it is measureable. In a call center this could be calls per hour, for a sales person, number of sales calls
  • completing all the items on a To Do List

Set a realistic point system for tasks done within the day to increase performance.

To help track performance it would be a good idea to have employees keep activity logs. Noting everying they do, including breaks, personal phone calls, etc.

This was a very productive conference. The healthcare professionals contibuted to the discussion and literally ate up all the generational speakers ideas. They are now thinking of ways to track and recognize performance.

look here For more ways to manage generation Y....from generational motivational speakers.

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