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HR Conference About How Technonology Shapes Younger Generations

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Mar 08, 2011 @ 04:11 PM

HR conference Keynote SpeakerRecently, I was an SHRM Conference Motivational Keynote Speaker, one of the key issues HR professionals are concerned with is technology and how it impacts younger generations.

Technology is definately shaping the next generation. Here are some of the suggestions speakers for the HR professionals suggested:

  • Young adults have an easy ability to form meaningful online relationships. This means more virtual friends and computer time and less face to face organically formed relationships. This may mean unrefined on the job social skills.
  • Generation Y and Z are a combination of remarkable innocence and naivety and are empowered to publish their every thought through social networks online.
  • I think the internet,with its immediate results and feedback, can become psychologically addictive. It's use is increasing rapidly especially amoung young adults.
  • Technology creates a trend where young adults function with very little forward planning.  We no longer have to say, meet you at Kmart, we can just text or Instant message our friends when we are there.
  • Bonds of trust could be severed. How do you know what is a real relationship and a virtual one? If you meet someone online, how do you know they are reliable? Or are they are who they say they are?
  • Many young professionals now assume that if news is important, it will find it's way to them through social networks and online communities.

The other HR conference keynote speaker suggested that the internet affects young adults social skills, she offered this research...

A recent study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University concludes that Internet use leads to small but statistically significant increases in misery and loneliness and a decline in overall psychological well-being.

Many parents fear the internets impact on their children;  yet they think they still need it (They are right). A savvy young professional is well versed in technology but can balance face to face social skills with online information communities.

Learn more about how to manage younger generations here from

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