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6 ways to Inspire Gen Y Government Employees- Conference Interview

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Mar 02, 2011 @ 12:46 PM

motivational generational speaker for government employeesI am a motivational generational speaker for a leaders of government employees conference later this year.

The government meeting planner who hired me suggested that across the board leaders of government employees are struggling with generational issues.

The meeting planner suggested that generation Y, those in their 20's to early 30's as well as the generation z, those in their teens are very challenging to recruit and retain. Conflict runs rampant between generations and leadership is forced to sit up and pay attention.

Generation Y show up for work late and expect everything to be handed to them. They to have a strong sense of entitlement. They want rewards and recognition, even though they haven't accomplished anything.

The government meeting planner laments that the biggest problem is Gen Y and Z have a real appetite for technology and gravitate towards anything new or innovative. Often referred to as paper pushers, Innovation isn't something synonymous with government work. It is hard to keep this enthusiastic generation from becoming bored.

As i plan for my motivation speech for leaders of government employees, I am considering the following ways to make a goverment job more interesting for Generation Y or Z:

  • Use technology like social media to engage. It may be stepping out of the box for the government, but these tools can be great to recruit and engage younger generations.
  • Gen Y have grown up on virtual technology, if they are late for work- text message them and they will pay attention.
  • Gen Y are very entrepreneurial, give them projects ( ie- oversee, collate or create the municipal survey) and let them run with it. Can you arrange routine work to make it project based? Anything with a beginning and end is more inspiring for this generation
  • Keep Score. Gen Y wants to know everything they do counts. Track progress and they will be much more motivated. 
  • Have Clear Expectations. Government policy and procedure will make this generation cringe. They will fight back. Ensure compliance to procedure by coaching, making them aware of why rules are in place and asking Gen Y to take ownership and implement rules.
  • Avert Entitlement. Never recognize mediocrity. Recognition needs to be consistent and tangible for all generations. Be cautious not to single out younger generations as needing more praise or priority.

It was an enlightening interview with the government meeting planner. It made me think because of the nature of government work, being routine and secure,  challenges with attracting and retaining younger generation will be amplified.

I am really looking forward to being the motivational generational speaker for leaders of government employees.

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