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Conference for Government Employees Reveals Public Perception

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Apr 08, 2011 @ 10:47 PM

motivational speaker for government employeesLast year I was the opening motivational speaker for a conference of government employees.

Over 2,000 people who serve their federal, state or local town government attended the conference for some inspiration. The other closing motivational speaker for the government employees suggested that the public perception is they generally do nothing but piss people off. (apparently the inspirational speaker did do his research and found this out). The suggested perception is they are lazy because they can be, they have job security. They are unionized.

Pretty unfortunate stereotype i think. How did unionized employees get such a bad rap? The purpose of a union is to negotiate with employers for better wages, safer working conditions, and fair treatment. Why does this make people lazy and self serving? These are bad, poorly developed public assumptions. Government employees show up for work, do the job, pay their taxes and are ambassadors for their community.

Government jobs are good ones. You contribute to society, you make a difference. You are guaranteed equality, fair pay,a safe work environment.

Sure some of the tasks may be monotonous and mind numbing, but who doesnt have this sort of routine drudgery built into their job?

Óne last inspiration the closing motivational speaker tossed around at the conference....If you are employed by the government and the government gets paid through taxes, and you pay taxes, does that mean your self-employed?

Inspiration for anyone in mind numbing work can be found here.



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