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When Gen's Y Start a Job, Get them on Board Fast

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Apr 20, 2011 @ 11:33 AM

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Generation Y has been called the least loyal, uncommitted workforce  ever. The first week on the job can make or break the induction of this young and naive generation into your workplace.

Gen Y have more information in their head than any other generation. Mistaking information for knowledge, they may feel they know everything already and don't want to be inundated with policy and procedure.

When they start a job, they need to hit the ground running. Their objective is not to get to know the place, they don't know how long they will be staying. This generation has a very entrepreneurial mindset, it is their career they are concerned with, not the job.

Generation Y Needs:

  • to see their work linked to results
  • to see their success tracked. All of their effort needs to count.
  • managers to teach to them through encouragement 
  • strong leadership...not friendship
  • to be taught how to be managed by you
  • to have realistic expectations, recruitment should not be a sales pitch but a joint discussion to see if the applicant really suits the job
  • Clear boundaries and consequences

The Gen Y has a career path that is far more erratic ...they are on a self guided path. Humorous Generational Speaker Bruce Tulligan says the Gen Y career path is more like making a tapestry vs. climbing a ladder.

They are also closer to their parents than any generation. This relationship can reach in and strangle your workplace. Some Gen Y's Parents are consulted several times a day while at work. Parenting needs to end when the workday begins.

Leadership that find themselves fielding complaints and calls from parents need to rein this in fast. Many parents today are used to being consulted on every single decision their kids make and are very involved in their lives. This is great, it often means they come from a good family and have been coached, mentored and encouraged by their parents throughout their short life.

Parents influence in their kids life is a good thing, except it is not appropriate at work. When I was a speaker for an HR conference, on of the Generational speakers suggested holding a parents open house to let them know their offspring are working in a great company, have strong leadership, mission, and values. Finally, make it clear to your employee, a parents influence ends at home.

Planning a Generational Diversity Workshop? See my blog post about Generational Speaker for HR Conference, Penny Hamptons from the CUPA HR conference.

I was one of the humorous speakers at the CUPA HR conference. We had humorous discussion around young adults working in public, government jobs, having to fill out paperwork, follow procedures and more. It seems to be an epidemic. Generations have changed and leadership is being forced to understand and adjust to these values and preferences.

Go Here for more Resources on Inspiring Generations from Generational Speakers at HR Conferences.

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