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Workplace Bullying. How to Define Respect and Decrease Conflict

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Feb 25, 2011 @ 10:47 AM

Keynote Speaker for Nurses ConferencesI was a keynote speaker at a nursing conference last year and the other speaker was presenting a keynote on Bullying. It was a real eye opener because I thought this only happened in the playground with children.

Of course I realize that some adults are naturally seething with hostility and it can boil over and affect others. Apparently it's more than that. Adults regularily intimidate and bully other adults to get their way at work. Workplace bullies don't use their fist, instead they insult through words and behaviour.

The conference panel discussed Respect. I think it all comes down to defining what are Respectful and Disrespectful behaviours at work. Reprimand and have consequences for disrespectful behavior and reward and appreciate respectful ones.

Some Examples of Disrespectful Behaviour: (Have Consequences For These)

  • Bullying
  • Public Embarrassment
  • Inappropriate, sarcastic humor at another's expense
  • Yelling or Name Calling
  • Rumours or Gossip that create conflict
  • Threatening, intimidation or Isolating others
  • Taking Credit for Others Work

Some Examples of Respectful Behaviour: (Reward and Recognize These)

  • Being an  cheerleader for someone else, giving credit
  • Helping others out even when it's not your job
  • Positive behaviour ( like smiling, saying hello, acknowledging people who walk in the room)
  • Introducing others (like introducing co-workers to clients or senior leadership)
  • Listening to others ideas
  • Using a persons name
  • Taking an interest in someone else's background and accomplishments
  • Valuing what makes others unique
  • Coaching Others

As the keynote speaker reminded us, If people aren't working up to your standard, don't threaten them. Intimidation is not the best way to manage people, unless you want conflict.

Hard nosed managers with a take no prisoners style aren't good leaders in today's open and inclusive workplace.

Bullying affects professionalism, workplace wellness and creates conflict.

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