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Student Success Soars with Inspiration from Evolved Teaching Methods

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Feb 10, 2011 @ 10:45 AM

leadershipSomething I am adamant about is evolving our education system. Like many large institutions, the education system seems slow to evolve to the changing learning needs and wellness of students. Students learning would excell if their was more inspiration from teachers and learning methods catered to students.

I went to University and a technical school and I found the later with smaller classrooms, more student/teacher attention, hands on projects and group work to give me more inspiration. It was a much better personal leadership and learning experience.

For me, inspiration for success and confidence soared after I made the switch. My learning excelled. Not everyone learns the same, and I learn best by doing. If I didn't go to technical school my overall motivation and wellness would plummet. I would feel trapped in a system where I literally felt dumb.

Some high schools have a 70% dropout rate. Many teenagers are smart but they cannot adapt to passive learning environments.

They detest formal education because it is predominantly a one way, teacher talks, student listens system.  Their is no inspiration to learn.

Consider the average teenager today, wired for sound, convenience and real time communication. Any information they need is available instantly with a simple internet search. Anyone, anywhere they want to know about or communicate with they can, instantly, with the help of low cost technology and social networking. Barriers in our education system like access to information or teachers are not an inspiration for success.

The wellness of our education system may depend on our ability to evolve to the way students learn.

Evolved teaching would employ case studies, group work, behaviour based grading. Inspired teaching would promote life long learning and soft skills like motivation techniques, leadership skills, good listening and communication.

Successful educational leadership requires teaching to evolve to the needs of todays students. Learning should be an exciting, hands on educational experience not a boring one.

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