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Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Feb 18, 2011 @ 01:33 PM

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I am the Keynote Speaker for the audiologyNOW Conference in Chicago April 6-9, 2011. This event will bring over 3,000 Audiologists and  some speech-language pathologists from all across North America and possibly even over seas.

As part of my research I am interviewing conference delegates ( actually board members) about the audiology industry. I had a very interesting conversation today with Dr Karen Jacobs, founder and cheif audiologist of AVA Hearing Center. She was telling me about some of the advancements in hearing aids especially for teenagers and children, and it sounds like it is now almost "cool"to have one.

To me having a hearing aid does not sound like alot of fun. You have to pay for it, wear it, care for it, and it isn't a cure. Some people would rather be in denial and fake it, pretend they hear things just to avoid admitting they have a hearing problem.

My friend wears a hearing aid. Half the time, I am not sure if she can hear me or if she is trying to tune me out.

Apparently hearing aids have advanced alot.

In the past, people who wore hearing aids tried to disguise them. Now kids show them off.  They have hearing aids that are zebra, tiger skin and colored variations to display their uniqueness.

They have a Telecoil which is a tiny, wireless receiver that is built-in to many hearing aids and cochlear implant processors.

You can wear it to a theatre or to go to an event and listen to a speaker. It takes out background noise, so you can clearly hear the guest speaker.

This could be useful. I once attended a conference where I couldn't hear the keynote speaker at all because the background noise (people were talking and the hotel's catering were clearing plates) was too loud.

A student could even have blue tooth cell phone (or his Ipod tunes) wireless feed into the hearing aid. His teacher wouldn't see or hear the device.

Dr Jacobs referred me to a website the Better Hearing Institute, where they suggest that...

Research shows that poor hearing, when left untreated, reduces earning power, disrupts family life and causes a wide range of psychological problems.

The good news is, these days, effective solutions for hearing loss are available for people of all ages. As digital and programmable technologies have revolutionized the world of medical devices, we have seen the dramatic benefits that hearing aids now provide to the hard-of-hearing.

I look forward to being a guest speaker at the event after speaking with several audiologist who are clearly passionate about their work.

i will be keynote speaker for the audiology and speech language pathologists speaking on The Nerve to Serve... Say Hello to Humor & Goodbye to Burnout!

The audiologists are interested in Lightening Up and injecting some levity in their life.

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