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January 26 Generational Diversity Workshop

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Feb 04, 2011 @ 03:19 PM

generational speakerJanuary 26 I presented a workshop at the Bethany Care Society's Organizational Cultural Quarterly Review leadership event.

Bethany Care Society is one of Western Canada’s largest voluntary, not–for–profit providers of health, housing and community services for seniors and persons with disabilities. A faith–based organization founded in 1945, Bethany provides service to more than 5,400 Albertans in over 100 communities.

Bethany Care was named one of the top 50 employers in alberta and they have some amazing things in the pipeline to help provide better care in our province for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Bethany's leadership team is a group of very enthusiastic, top notch leaders who have a real genuine care and understanding for people. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop interaction and some interesting insights came up about leadership of the x and y generation.

As a generational speaker I love the discussion that comes from a longer(3 hour) workshop event. Some of the x and y generation examples that came up from the leadership at Bethany Care were:

  • A potential hire who brought her mother to the job interview. She didn't hire her, ( but her mother might have made a great employee)
  • The youngest Generation Y is technologically Savvy, ambivalent and energetic. Even though it might be their first job, they have very high expectations. Gen Y values often clash with more mature generations.
  • Generation x are great leaders and Generation Y needs alot of supervision.
  • In the event of things going wrong, Gen Y are great at finding information and Baby Boomers are great at translating it to knowledge.

It was a very fun event and some great learning and leadership insights were uncovered.

Generational Leadership Keynote Speaker, Jody Urquhart

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