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Leadership Speaker, Jim Clemmer - Leading in an Uncertain Future

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Jan 27, 2011 @ 01:45 PM

leadership speakerLeadership is not a title or a position but a personal responsibility. Venturing into unchartered waters is one of those responsibilities. Nobody seems to jump up and down at the prospects of new change and keeping team inspiration high during turbulent times is not easy.

Most people fight against change, they get into a rut and are desperate to find reasonable stuff that helps solve problems.

One of my favorite leadership quotes about change is by Leo Tolstoy. He says, everyone thinks of changing the world, nobody thinks of changing themselves....

Leadership Speaker Jim Clemmer says, The core of a built-to-change culture is an energized vision, values, and purpose/mission.

H e goes on to suggest that inspiration developing common messages and themes that evolve around your mission keep an organization focused during changing times. He recommends getting local teams to develop their own mission and give lots of feedback formal and informal (360º feedback programs, organizational surveys).

I also like Jim Clemmers suggestion to look at how you describe customers, organizational members, and other partners (like suppliers). Are “head count,” “vendors,” “consumers,” and other such cold, impersonal, and dehumanizing phrases often used?

Jim is a professional leadership speaker and author, I have seen him as the Keynote speaker at several conventions for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. His message is relevant and an inspiration to leadership of all levels.


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