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Is a Motivational Speaker Worth the Investment?

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Feb 07, 2011 @ 12:06 PM

Funny Motivational speakerSome motivational speakers charge upwards of $30,000 to give a 60 minute speech. With that kind of an investment you have to really assess, is it worth it?

I think it depends on the speaker, their message, the audience and your goals. I have personally designed an entire career as a motivational speaker because i watched one 45 minute motivational speech. After funny motivational speaker Linda Edgecombe finished speaking,  I firmly decided I wanted to speak for a living. And so I did. I would say she had an impact and I believe that all speakers can have this kind of life altering impact.

A great keynote speaker can be an inspiration and compel people to change. For this kind of impact, it has to be the right speaker and it has to be the right message.

Consider these questions to assess if it is worth it to invest in a motivational speaker for your convention:

Will the event (or motivational speaker) draw alot of people? The more people, the more of an impact any message will make. Also, the more people, the more money you make.

Will the speaker bring a unique message? Almost everything has been said before-  but said in a compelling way with energy and enthusiasm- a great keynote speaker can create a lasting impression.

Will the speaker be right for this audience? I was a speaker at an event where the other keynote speaker was a magician. The audience was professional accountants and they did not take well to the magician. Apparently they had enough magic in their lives.

From post convention evaluations, often the most memorable part of any meeting is the motivational speaker. Are they worth it? What do you think? Give us your feeback.

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