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4 Leadership Qualities you Don't Want to Forget

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jan 19, 2011 @ 03:14 PM

leadership keynote speakerThousands of books have been written about leadership, yet their aren't that many really incredible or profound examples of leadership in action.

Because thousands of people have pondered, what are good leadership qualities? Why not add one more perspective? Mine. As a leadership keynote speaker here is my perspective on what are the makes of compelling leadership.

1)Leaders Keep Looking. When most people find something- they stop looking. Leaders have to keep on looking. Exceptional, innovative leaders who solve a problem will continue to make connections and find even more solutions. The first solution likely isn't the best, so good leadership keeps looking for more solutions. Remember, expertise is the enemy of creativity.

2)Leaders pull people in. Instead of pushing people to do what they want, great leaders pull you in. They will compel you (on your own will) to do what they say or do. Leaders have a significant impact on the world because people want to follow them. The study of neuroscience says the brain is malleable ( fascination studies) and we can train our mind to do anything. This means we can change if given compelling reason(direction/leadership). I think leadership qualities like vision, a certain ethical persuasion, purpose and energy will make people want to follow the leader.

3)Leaders don't give up. Their will be a set backs no matter what the challenge. Any new leadership program can take years to properly implement, leadership and change will persist no matter who pushes back.

4)Leaders have positive energy. Have you every been inspired by a negative person who is lethargic and walks around complaining all the time? I haven't. Any good leader I have known has qualites like enthusiasm, energy, zest, vitality. This is what gives them life and inspiration that spreads to others. If you really believe in your ideas you need get behind them with some life and enthusiasm.

At a conference speaking, the keynote speaker suggested the most essential leadership qualities are a sense of levity and the ability to listen. I think if we do a thorough list of qualities their could be over a hundred. The ones I have outlines above are just some that i have observed and would want in a good leader.

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