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Etiquette Success Rules Redefined for a New Generation?

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jan 12, 2011 @ 02:01 PM

keynote speakerI was the keynote speaker for the Ontario Landscape Congress yesterday. The guest speaker who followed me did an orderly and engaging seminar on etiquette.

From what is sounds like the rules of etiquette need to be rewritten because they underscore the values of the x and y generation. As a generational speaker, I think the values of employees, audience members, and clients have changed.

According to the guest speaker and ettiquette expert, proper ettiquette is:

To decline a drink unless your host will be drinking too.

Woman should not show their legs and their shirt neckline should not plung lower than about an inch and a half below their clavical.

We should not maintain eye contact for too long when passing someone in a hall, otherwise it is considered creepy and seductive.

Everyone has a personal bubble that is 3 inches surrounding you in all directions. Never enter another persons bubble. I personally always do this, it feels more comfortable to be close up, so far i haven't been slapped for it. She went on to discuss respect and more.

Never face people in an elevator, because you are already in their personal bubble, they will feel threatened.

I found the guest speaker overall entertaining and well informed but our discussion after the seminar seemed to suggest that the rules of ettiquette need to be rewritten. Given that the workplace is so diverse, with 4 generations with very different leadership values. Especially the x and y generation demanding more informal and fun workplaces, how do we now rewrite the rules?

For instance, My grandmother would agree with everything the guest speaker said and would recommend even more traditional ettiquette practices ( like respect for your elders!) and my younger sister (29 years old) would disagree with alot of the rules of etiquette.

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