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Success of a Convention or Meeting linked to Group Congruence

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jan 05, 2011 @ 12:17 PM

convention motivational speakerThe Boston Globe published an article on intelligence in convention or meetings. It indicates that a groups intelligence has less to do with the intelligence of each individual but the congruence of the entire group. This is essential information for a meeting planner to plan an event that is a success.

the research so far show, from Face2Face meeting planner blog

A group’s motivation, satisfaction, and unity were unimportant in the meeting. Instead, the researchers found that when a group had a high level of collective intelligence, the members tended to score well on a test that measured how good they were at reading other people’s emotions. They also found that groups with overbearing leaders who were reluctant to cede the floor and let the others talk did worse than those in which participation was better distributed and people took turns speaking. And they also found that the proportion of women in the group was a predictor of collective intelligence — a factor they believe was likely influenced by women’s generally superior social sensitivity.

This is a testiment to group rapport and the congruence and energy that is created in a room when you bring like minded people together. As a conference motivational speaker I love to see how inspiration in a group can spread like wild fire when people share emotions and ideas.

The convention experience is dramatically enhanced if you can anchor it to people emotions, by creating congruence with shared humor or inspiration. Group learning will transcend their usual boundaries of success.

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